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Let's Have a Meeting - In order to build a website that meets the needs of your company and your visitors, we need to meet (in person, by phone or via internet) to establish the overall goals and objective of the website. We'll also make sure that everyone involved knows who's doing what and providing what.

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Content - No one knows your business better than you do. You'll need to provide all the content that will be on the website. Don't worry, We'll guide you so you won't feel overwhelmed.

Planning - This part is on us. We'll set up a site map with all of the pages/topics that will be on your website. You will have the opportunity to add and remove items - of course.

Design - Based on the discussions we've had, we'll provide you with one or more prototypes of what your website will look like. You'll recieve them in either .jpg or .pdf format (whichever is easier for you). You'll then have the opportunity to discuss what you like and don't like about the prototypes. This is the time to speak up because after this phase is...

We also can develop a website based on current marketing materials that you have such as a menu, flyer or poster

Development - Based on the timeline provided, you'll be able to see your website on a temporary hosted site so you can check on the progress. You can also suggest changes. However, some changes take a considerable amount of time to make so a change in the fee and/or timeline may need to be assessed.

Testing & Delivery - Once the website is complete on the temporary site, we'll put it through several tests to make sure that the code and files have been uploaded correctly. After all of the testing is complete, your website will go live.

Maintenance - Most of our websites come with a CMS (Content Management System) so that you can do simple updates and changes yourself. We of course will be here if you prefer that we do the changes for you.